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Grawrock - Parker Genealogy
Master Index

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(?), (?) to 2-3, (?)
2-6, (?) to Arntsen, Margaret
Ash, Edith Laen to Blackaller, William
Blackeller, Johan to Blackler, Francis
Blackler, Francis to Blackler, Margaret Constance Helen (Helen)
Blackler, Margaret Maud to Blackler, William
Blackler, William to Broekema, Jan Pieters
Brokenshaw, Catherine to Chetwode, William
Chetwood, Agnes to Coney, Thomas
Confer, Irene M. to Cyphert, Bernard John
Cyphert, Bernard Joseph to Cyphert, Robert Emerson , Jr.
Cyphert, Robert H. to Dowling, Marianne
Dowling, Mary Ann to Fee, Sarah
Fehley, Mary to Greene, Anabella
Greenwalt, Elizabeth Jane to Harnish, Phoebe
Harnish, Robert Chambers to Hill, William N.
Hilton, Minerva E. to Jessee, Mary 'Polly'
Jessee, Mary 'Polly' to Keener, Sarah
Keener, Sarah to Lattimore, Prudence
Latto, Marie Ann to Maltas, Thomas
Mangum, Sarah to Moore, Zania F.
Morgan, Amanda to Parker, Luther James
Parker, Mariah Elizabeth to Reed, Sarah
Reeves, Elizabeth to Runyan, James Charles
Rupert, Phoebe E to Sims, William Henderson
Singleton, Anne to Steltman, Maria Johanna Wilhelmina
Steltman, Petrus to Timewell, Thomas Stephen Farley
Timewell, Violet to Van Deventer, Jane
Van Deventer, Jannetje to West, William
Westbrook, Anthony Jansen to Zimpel, Herrmann

Main Page - Surname Index - Master Place Index - Charts

David Grawrock
Aloha Oregon USA

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