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Cyphert Number

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The original Cyphert genealogies have a number for many of the individuals in the database. The number is based on their generation and family position from Philip (1), Joseph (2), or Elizabeth(3). The system used is the d'Aboville numbering scheme, details of the numbering scheme is here. For the Cyphert line the three starting positions assume a start point with Philip, Joseph, and Elizabeth and it assumes that the birth order is correct.

Personally I do not like the d'Aboville system, the numbers can change over time. Each time a new individual is found in the genealogy, the numbers can change. The numbers work ok in a published work that does not change, but for daily use building our pedigrees the numbers can get in the way.

I will continue to keep the numbers and I am hoping for find a way to have an automatic numbering mechanism be in place for future versions of the database.

You will see a number after the name of every individual listed on these history pages, as well as after the names of many individuals in the Cyphert directory.  This is a number that indicates their relationship to Philip Cyphert, the immigrant who's descendents we all are.  The system is simple.  Philip had three children, Philip (1), Joseph (2) and Elizabeth (3).  The second generation gets a second number, so Philip's children are Philip, Jr. (1-1), Catherine (1-2), Anthony (1-3) and so on.  My great-grandfather, A.A. Cyphert was thus (1-3-1-4), the fourth child of Anthony's first child.

If I tell you I am Dale (1-3-1-4-1-4-4) Cyphert, you can simply count the number of generations to see my relationship to Philip Cyphert.  In addition, you can easily see the birth order, which helps you identify all these Cypherts as your various distant cousins.  For instance, I've been corresponding for years with Allan H. Cyphert, (1-3-6-2-4-2). By matching up the numbers, we can see that we are both descended from Anthony, but branch off there, making us fourth cousins, once removed.   I suppose now you want to know what a once removed cousin is.....That just means my dad and Allan H. were the same number of generations from Philip, and fourth cousins.  I am a fifth cousin of Allan's daughter, Nora.  A cross-over of generations is "once removed"....sort of like fourth-and- a-half cousins.

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