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2005 Blackler Reunion

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This page contains the information regarding the Blackler reunion to be held in 2005. Tony is the coordinator of the event and all questions should go to him.

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March Update
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13 March 2005 update

NEWSLETTER No. 2        Easter 2005

It is now only 7 months to go to the “Gathering” in Devon and I know some of you have already made travel and accommodation arrangements. To date I have 39 possible attendees on the list with many of those definite. I am still getting responses in and the number creeps up. If any of you are intending to come and haven’t let me know yet, I would appreciate an email saying what your intentions are, with numbers and where you are staying and what you would like to see. I am trying to put things together at this end to help get everyone sorted out on the day, ie put into Blackler “clusters”. 

Since I last sent an email to all of you, new Blacklers have come into the fold. Word seems to have spread. That means we have been able to add to the database and even link some branches to the main tree. Also, quite a lot of new data has come in to us and gone out to Blacklers. This work is still continuing.  

A few more suggestions have been put to me following my January appeal, and one query has come in which I would like you all to have in the hope we might find an answer. First the query: 

Where is “Sortage House”? It appears in old documents and one member of the Blackler family has a photo/print of it. It appears it is near Dartmoor and goes back many centuries. 

Another suggestion is that we have a board or something similar to display family trees. I will work on that and hope Nigel can produce trees that will fit! 

Now for ideas and your feedback please: 

1.       Videoing the meeting, or parts of it? Does anyone want to take this on?
2.       Group photos – digitally and printed at the time (I can do that).
Exeter Records Office, how to find it, times etc.?
Landscove and other villages. Maps, hostelries, walks?
List of village names that commonly crop up in the Family Tree?
Train/bus Timetables and where to find them?
Where to stay, hotels, farmhouse, campsites? Many can be found on the Internet.
Circular or other walks?
Anything else?
Any ideas for Sunday? I suggest a farewell meeting over Sunday afternoon tea/coffee.
It has been suggested that we draw up lists to see what our ancestors did for a living and what Blacklers do now. This I think can only be a small selection, as we don’t know what a lot of them did. I already have a list of “Blackler Mariners” – over 100 of them! 

I would like to request, again, a few items from those that are intending to attend. Some of you have already let me know, so my thanks to them and they can ignore this part. 

1.       Your snail mail address and contact phone numbers. This will not be given to anyone else without permission. It is purely for me, in case the details I have get lost – computer failure etc. If you are not willing to give a full address that is OK, but I would like to know your town and country of residence.

2.       The names of people coming in your party and their relationship to you. This is so I can find you and them on the database. Some names are extremely common amongst Blacklers.

3.       A photo of attendees, for identification on the day. You don’t have to, but an emailed one can be scanned on to things like a sheet of “mugshots”, which could be useful at Ashburton.

4.       The village, or a list of them, that you are particularly interested in so I can get details for you, if I can. This could save you research time between now and at the October weekend.

I am sending this out to everyone, and will do the same each time unless you ask me to remove you from the list. I know some people are not coming, but still would like to know how things progress and keep in touch. 

I look forward to hearing your views on the above and to start the mugshots off mine is attached. 

Best regards, happy Easter.

 Tony   Sunday, 13 March 2005

December 2004 Update


To all members of the Blackler family tree.

 Many of you will be aware that a couple of years ago it was suggested that we had a Blackler get- together, then termed “reunion”. We have now organised a place and date for the get-together which we prefer to call the “Blackler Gathering”, as it was deemed not to be a “reunion” as most of us have never met before, nor is it a formal meeting (“convention”).  

Over the past few years it has transpired that many Blacklers across the world have been researching their family origins and many Blackler branches from different parts of the Blackler “tree” have been in contact with one another through the Internet. That was a medium that was not widely used, until about 10 years ago. Because so much data has been collected by those researching, we set up a master database, which is held on computer by Nigel Blackler in New Zealand and a back-up copy is kept by David Grawrock in the USA. The result is that we now have a very large amount of data. Hopefully, in 2005, many Blacklers will actually be able to meet their distant, and not so distant, relatives for the first time. Many have only very recently discovered relatives. More are being found all the time and as they are found, more and more branches of the Blackler family tree are being added to the “trunk”. 

It is hoped that one day we will all have links back to the “roots”, which we believe are in South Devon, at or close to a place still called Blackler on the maps.  

The Venue

We believe a suitable place has been found for our gathering.

It will take place at:

 The Dartmoor Lodge Motel, Ashburton, Devon, TQ13 7JW

Tel: +44 1364 652232  Fax: +44 1364 653990 


A map of Ashburton, Devon, England, United Kingdom. Click to see the map on MSN Maps & Directions

 It is about half way between Exeter and Plymouth, just off the A38 trunk road. It is also very near the hamlet of Blackler.

 The Date

The weekend of October 15-16 2005


A room has been booked at the motel for us to meet in. We have the room from 0830 to 1030 on the Saturday morning, October 15. The room holds 90 people and we hope that we can get as many as that (no more due to rules) to the meeting, so we can become acquainted with each other and make contact with relatives for the first time, or meet up with ones not seen for a long time. A very small charge, to cover the room hire, depending on numbers, will be levied at the time. 

Depending on meeting room availability at the motel, it may be possible for family groups, if they wish, to book that room, or a smaller one, by the hour, for impromptu meetings. 

We also hope many will have dinner together, on a pay as you go basis, on the Saturday evening. We understand that meals can be bought, ranging from a snack to a full dinner, as individuals wish.  

  A Few Practicalities

·         This is Part 1 of what will become, I expect, a series of emails. I will compile a list of things people may want to do or see, next month.

·         For the time being I will not be too specific on instructions as to how to get there, services etc. as we want everyone to be able to do their own thing, so initially would you all consider the above and make your own travel and accommodation arrangements, if you wish to attend.

·         We strongly advise each party to have the use of a car, as the area is not well supported by public transport. If you hire a car it is recommended by David in the USA, who knows the problems for a foreigner driving in the area, to hire a very small automatic, as the lanes are very narrow.

·         There is a provincial airport at Exeter and a ferry port at Plymouth which connects England to France and Spain, but I would imagine visitors to the UK will fly to London Heathrow or Gatwick and then drive or take a train (   ) from London, if they are going directly to Devon.

 Further Information

·         There are several other independent hotels, branches of chain hotels, campsites and self-catering properties in South Devon - I suggest you search the web under “Devon Hotels” and choose one that suits you and your party. Remember you need the District of South Hams, or the area of South Devon. Don’t get into Dartmoor, or worse, to the north of the moor!

·         A good map of the area is essential. The British Ordnance Survey has a variety of maps of the area, as do other map makers. A large scale is best.

·         Travelling arrangements will be very varied, but if you have any questions on logistics, please get in touch.

I would be grateful if any of you who decide to attend, keep me updated with names of all those in your party (and where you are now living) so I can keep a check of numbers and be able to produce name badges etc. It would also help me to know the villages that you are interested in, as we may be able to introduce people with similar village interests to one another. 

I look forward to hearing from you in due course, and to meeting as many as possible next year. 

Tony Blackler

Petersfield Hampshire England


In order to prevent this convention getting known by undesirable elements who may have a desire to gate crash the event, please do not forward this email to anyone outside the Blackler family circle and in particular do not post it to any public forum such as Genforum. Thanks.